Sire Darco’s list of achievements as a jumping stallion is testimony to a stellar career.  Partnered with Ludo Phillippaerts since the age of 5, highlights of the duo’s success included 7th place at the Barcelona Olympics, 2nd at Spruce Meadows/Calgary, 6th in the World Equestrian Games and Stockholm, and countless wins and placings at World Cup and international Grand Prixs.  As a competitor, Darco displayed a lot of power and stamina and was described by his rider as an extremely honest, intelligent and careful partner with a solid character.  As a sire, Darco reliably passes on these characteristics to his progeny.  Ranked at the top of the World Breeding Federation’s Jumping Sire list in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and again in 2011, many of Darco’s offspring have become household names by virtue of their success in the ring: Parco, Sapphire, King Darco, Otterongo, Nonstop, Ublesco, Winningmood, etc.  In all, Darco has sired more than 3,000 foals.  By virtue of his prepotency as a sire, his impact on the show jumping world will be felt for years to come.

For Five consecutive years, the great stallion Darco led the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horse ranking as the best jumping horse progenitor. He currently has the most offspring that competed at Grand Prix level. It is a record which no single sire has ever achieved since the ranking was first developed in 1995. Moreover, Darco is one of the few sires of the present ranking who previously appeared in the original rankings from 1995. In other words, Darco has been at the top for more than fifteen years. Reasons enough to assume, at this time, that Darco is the best jumping horse progenitor ever in show jumping.